Keynote Presentations

Dr. Carolyn J. Brown to Deliver the CI2023 Dallas Dr. John K. Niparko Memorial Lecture

American Cochlear Implant Alliance is pleased to announce that Carolyn J. Brown, PhD, will deliver the 2023 Dr. John K.  Niparko Lecture at the Opening Session of CI2023 Dallas Cochlear Implants in Children and Adults on Thursday morning, June 8th.

The University of Iowa is home to one of the most acclaimed academic medical centers in the country and is considered one of America's premier public research universities. Dr. Brown joined the faculty at the University of Iowa in 1993. She holds joint appointments in Communication Sciences and Disorders and in Otolaryngology within the Wendell Johnson Speech & Hearing Center. She joined the Iowa Cochlear Implant Team as a research assistant and PhD student in the mid 80’s. Today, she is a PI on research funded by the same grant. She teaches Cochlear Implants, Auditory Evoked Potentials and Medical Audiology in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorder. She has served as director of the AuD program as well.

With her lengthy tenure at the university, Dr. Brown is well positioned to present on the topic, Cochlear Implants at IOWA: 1983 – 2023. Dr. Brown will share the evolution of CI research and development at the University of Iowa over the last four decades. From her dissertation study describing a way to record electrically evoked compound action potentials from Ineraid cochlear implant users to her work today focusing on developing methods to record acoustically evoked responses from Hybrid Cochlear Implant users who present with residual acoustic hearing in their implanted ear, she will demonstrate the extensive exploration of CI at the university.

Announcing Dr. Ferenc Bunta As A Keynote Speaker

American Cochlear Implant Alliance is pleased to announce that Ferenc Bunta, PhD will be a keynote speaker at CI2023 Dallas Cochlear Implants in Children and Adults.

With his keynote presentation entitled, Speech and Language Production of Bilingual Children with Cochlear Implants: Highlights and Clinical Implications, Dr. Bunta will address the theme of Considerations for Non-English-Speaking Patients.  We anticipate both researchers and clinicians who work with CI users will gain significant insights from Dr. Bunta.

Dr. Bunta is a faculty member in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Houston. The focus of Dr. Bunta's research is the study of bilingual and cross-linguistic phonological acquisition. His research projects include the investigation of phonological patterns of Spanish-English bilingual children with hearing loss who use cochlear implants and their peers with normal hearing. His publications can be found in the peer-reviewed Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, and the Journal of Phonetics, to name a few.

Announcing Dr. Pablo J. Sanchez As A Keynote Speaker

American Cochlear Implant Alliance is pleased to announce that Pablo J. Sanchez, MD will also be a keynote speaker at CI2023 Dallas Cochlear Implants in Children and Adults. Presenting on Congenital CMV Infection and Hearing Loss: It's Time to Screen! Dr. Sanchez will address the theme of CMV (Cytomegalovirus) and cochlear implantation, particularly in children.

Pablo J. Sanchez, MD is a principal investigator in the Center for Perinatal Research at The Research Institute and a professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. Dr. Sanchez is also a board-certified neonatologist and pediatric infectious diseases specialist, and the director of Clinical and Translational Research in Neonatology at Nationwide Children's Hospital. His clinical and translational research focuses on perinatal/neonatal infections and antibiotic stewardship. Dr. Sanchez is a past Principal Investigator for the NICHD Neonatal Research Network, and currently serves on the NICHD Pediatrics Subcommittee Grant Review Panel. He is a member of the editorial advisory board for Infectious Diseases in Children and has more than 100 peer-reviewed publications.

Program Content

(Re)Hab Connect Forum at CI2023 Dallas: Exploring CI (Re)Habilitation and Education for Children and Adults

CI2023 Dallas is pleased to address (Re)habilitation as a critical issue for adults and children post-CI surgery in multiple ways over the course of the Symposium. Presentations will cover research, and the development of supportive strategies and resource materials beneficial to cochlear implant recipients, their families, and the professionals who serve them. This will include podium talks, posters, and the (Re)Habilitation Connect Forum on Friday afternoon.

(Re)Habilitation Connect Forum 2023

During this (re)habilitation-focused afternoon, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in two sessions designed to provide clinically applicable, research-based information on topics, suggested by you, our members, and supported by the Forum Coordinating Committee related to:

  • Outcomes and intervention for children with CIs and additional diagnoses
  • Developing and implementing adult rehabilitation programs post cochlear implantation

Cochlear Implant Intervention and Outcomes for Children with Early Developmental Impairments
John Oghalai MD (University of Southern CA) and Holly Teagle AuD (University of Auckland) will lead the pediatric portion of the Forum.

Post-implantation Therapy Benefits Adults Too
Linda Thibodeau PhD and Andrea Warner-Czyz PhD (both of University of TX Dallas) will lead the adult portion of the Forum.

Our speakers this year bring extensive knowledge and experience in these areas that you do not want to miss. If as a therapy practitioner, physician, educator, psychologist, or other (re)hab-minded professional, you have wished for more in-depth information and more immediately applicable rehabilitation take-aways from the presentations you have attended at ACI Alliance conferences, this Forum is for you. And don't miss the Poster Exhibit session with poster content presented on this topic by several authors.

presenting posters